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We are open for weekend public visits once again! The 2023-2024 season is underway and the rails are in full operation!

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Admission prices are $10.00 for individuals (non-members) and $25.00 for families

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We are open weekends from 1pm to 4pm from September through April. In addition we will have several special events including Trains After Dark throughout the season. See our "Operating Dates" section below for all specific dates we are open.

Hiawatha Locomotive The Hennepin Overland Railway Historical Society, Inc. is a nonprofit exempt organization under §501(c)(3). Its goals include providing entertainment and education for those interested in the history and operations of railroads. Within our south Minneapolis facility, we operate a railroading museum, the "Station 2501" museum/hobby shop, and a 65 foot long by 29 foot wide HO scale model train layout.

The 1,800 square foot railroad display of the Hennepin-Overland Museum currently consists of eastbound and westbound mainlines, a branchline serving the fictitious towns of New Bergin and Summit, a logging line featuring a breathtaking hand-made trestle bridge and a logging camp, multiple upper level storage yards and industrial spurs, and lower-level storage/staging yards. There is no prototype for the Hennepin-Overland; it is a freelance layout design.

There is no particular era represented, though we try to use structures that date to the late steam era (1930-1960). The main line is basically a two-track loop enabling continuous running, although reverse loops around the main helix allow it to be operated as a two-track loop-to-loop main. Typically a train spends about half its time in the “off-stage” portions of the layout.

Operationally the layout could be operated by one person (but somewhat limited) or up to about 15 people. With an operable helix, we have run up to three trains on each main line at one time. If we can stay organized enough, we should be able to have up to ten trains running simultaneously on the mains and branch lines, not including local switching and industrial branches or commuters. When we get full-blown operating sessions, it would not be unusual to see 15 or more locomotives or trains all moving simultaneously.

Features of the layout will include a steel mill complex, a grain terminal complex, two industrial/warehouse areas, a passenger depot for 15-car passenger trains, a full branch line that can also be run as a second interchanging railroad, a locomotive/car shop complex, a logging branch line, 1500-car main staging yards, a 150 car branch line staging yard, a fully operating signal system using block occupancy detection, and full digital command and control using Digitrax DCC. Within a 10.5 scale mile main line, a train traveling 60 scale miles per hour would theoretically take 10.5 minutes to run the whole main line. In practice it takes about 15 to 18 minutes. A drag freight from the steam era would take around 30 to 40 minutes for a complete trip.

Click Here To download our Informational Brochure!


Welcome to our Museum Shop:

Station 2501 is our museum store/hobby shop located in our lobby. We stock a variety of new model railroading supplies as well as a large collection of discount previously-used and consignment merchandise. In addition, we are an authorized dealer for Walthers, Kadee, ESU LokSound, Intermountain and Digitrax.

Club Cars:

We have a selection of limited-run models which are wearing Hennepin Overland livery and logo. These cars aren't available anywhere else and when they're gone they may be gone forever. Available assembled or as a kit. Truly, a must-have for an Twin Cities area model railroader!
You can also purchase these Club Cars through our eBay store: Click Here for our eBay store!

Members Discount:

We are pleased to offer our members a 20% discount on all new merchandise from any of our distiributing dealers. Your annual dues could easily be paid for using your members discount.

Payment Types Accepted:

For any purchases in the store we can take major credit cards, checks, cash, or PayPal. For membership dues we prefer to take personal checks or cash.

Donations Accepted:

Generally speaking, the Museum Shop (aka Station 2501) does not purchase products except from major vendors. Hennepin Overland, howerver, does accept donations of just about any type of used model railroad equipment. This includes everything from entire layouts through rolling stock, and yes we do accept literature regarding model railroading and railroads in general. Since we are a registered nonprofit exempt organization under §501(c)(3), any donations can be used as a tax deduction on your personal taxes.


Public Admission Prices:

The layout is available for public (non-member) admittance throughout the Fall and Winter months (check "operating dates" for specific days and times). As an added bonus, we offer free model railroading magazines with paid admittance.
- Individual $10.00
- Family $25.00
- Small Group (8-15) $70.00
- Large Group (15+) $140.00

Membership Information:

Our services could not happen without our volunteer members, who help fund our organization through membership fees. Membership is open to adults and junior members with a minimum age of 14. Work is done on a volunteer basis, and costs for constructing and operating the museum are borne by the Society.

Membership Benefits:

- A 20% discount in our hobby store
- Help to work on the layout, including building scenery, buildings, laying tracks, etc...
- Bring in your own trains to run on the layout, or run club rolling stock
- Have a say in the direction of the club/layout
- Help from other members on various train-related subjects

Membership Costs:

  Full Membership Level Monthly Amount Annual Amount Initiation Fee
- Individual Member $35.00 $385.00 $100
- Family Member $35.00 $385.00 $100
- Junior Member (14-17) $17.50 $192.50 $50
  Limited Membership Level
- Associate Member $20 $220 $60

Membership Application:

Our membership application is avaiable in-store during normal hours of operation - see Operating Dates below for specific dates and times the store will be open.
- or -
The membership application can be printed out and mailed to us (or brought in). See link here for the application.

Official By-Laws:



When Are We Open?

Normally, the Hennepin Overland is open on Saturdays and Sundays, September through April; we are closed (except to members) May through August.
Check back at the end of next Summer for operating dates for the following season!

During normal operating sessions, we are open to the public from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.
"Trains After Dark" dates feature reduced light levels to simulate night operation, we are open to the public from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Normally every second saturday every month from January through April.

During daytime operating sessions members operate a variety of model trains for your viewing pleasure.  During operating sessions, members will be available to discuss any questions regarding model railroading, bench work, track laying, construction, scenery, wiring, structures, and membership.


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We welcome your feedback and input!

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